D’Amazoni ®

D’Amazoni - original design by Miguel des Hayes ©

D’Amazoni - original design Miguel des Hayes

D’Amazoni ® - original design by Miguel des Hayes ©

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D’Amazoni ®© - Umbrella's Festival Europe

D’Amazoni ®© N.B.


Its stunning concept, combining both elegance and ingenuity, materialised in the award of the GOLDEN MEDAL with commandations at the World Exhibition of Invention Research and Industrial Innovation.

Unique design: Both D’Amazoni Umbrellas and Parasols feature the patentedt two superposed canvasses concept enhancing its appeal by offering the possibility of matching colours at two levels.

Technically unmatched: assembled with specially designed 16x flat flexibleand extensible ribs of high quality steel makes the umbrella and parasol exceptionally sturdy. Once open, the rib structure reveals the concept of a ‘rose shape’.

A spring at the top end of the umbrella, provides elasticity to the material and by the same token, makes the ‘Pagoda design’ possible … what makes the exclusivity.

The conventional Umbrella is conditionned by the wind, where as the D’Amazoni Umbrella conditions the wind … D’Amazoni